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Company history (Continuation)

The devel­opment of digital products at SCHOEPS began in 1997 with the arrival of Christian Langen, who has since become Director of Product Devel­opment. This led to the creation of digital processors and even­tually to some of the world’s first digital microphones.

At the beginning of 2003, for the first time after more than five decades, the company’s logo was sig­nif­i­cantly changed in order to strengthen its impression. Its sym­bolism and elegance remained the same, but it now allows the recog­nition of that with which SCHOEPS is (and will remain) pri­marily con­cerned: Microphones.

In February, 2007 Jörg Wuttke left his position as Tech­nical Director; after nearly 37 years of activity he reached retirement age. But he remains con­nected with the company both as a con­sultant and as a share­holder of the cor­po­ration. Through his presence at countless inter­na­tional con­gresses, Mr. Wuttke has become the epitome of a micro­phone expert, and he enjoyed great pop­u­larity among recording engi­neers, since he knows so well how to explain the prin­ciples of acoustical physics in a straight­forward and prac­tical manner.

Ulrich Schoeps (mid) with the co-CEOs Dr. Helmut Wittek and Karin Fléing

His departure in 2007 led to changes in the lead­ership team at SCHOEPS. Dr. Helmut Wittek first became the Tech­nical Director, and in March, 2009 became co-​CEO as well.

After more than 28 years as CEO of the micro­phone man­u­fac­turer Schoeps, Ulrich Schoeps resigned in January 2015. Dr. Helmut Wittek con­tinued as co-​CEO of the company and Karin Fléing (38) also became a co-​CEO.

Dr. Helmut Wittek has been at Schoeps since 2005, and co-​CEO since 2009. He main­tains very close contact with the pro audio and sound engi­neering com­mu­nities and per­son­ifies the tech­nical cred­i­bility of Schoeps. Karin Fléing, a graduate in media man­agement, joined Schoeps in 2007. She formerly served as Director of Sales and Marketing.

The company remains pri­vately owned, with Ulrich Schoeps as the majority share­holder. The long estab­lished company phi­losophy of high product quality, close coop­er­ation with cus­tomers and sus­tain­ability will thus be seam­lessly main­tained. Ulrich Schoeps, son of the company’s founder, can look back upon a life’s work encom­passing the devel­opment of this small company into one of the world’s most respected man­u­fac­turers of high-​quality studio micro­phones. Under his lead­ership, Schoeps micro­phones have become the standard on the concert stage.

Today ca. 49 co-​workers in an area of 1,500 square meters develop, produce and dis­tribute the complete product range.