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Battery-Powered Microphone Amplifier


The CMBI features a readily available internal 6 V silver oxide battery, which, combined with power saving circuitry, gives up to 80 hours of operation. About 6 hours before the end of battery life a built-in LED begins to light up as a warning.

In addition to battery operation, the CMBI allows for external powering as well (The included K 5 ISK cable is not suitable for this mode of operation.)

Because of this model's unbalanced, low-level output and its medium output impedance, the total cable length should be kept to less than about 15 m to avoid possible RF interference and impaired performance.

Possible arrangements for connecting the CMBI are shown on the following page.

Instead of a large XLR connector, the CMBI has a flush-mounted 5-pin miniature connector at the output which also allows for external powering. For normal connection of the CMBI to a DAT recorder, etc., a 5 m cable with a 3.5 mm mini stereo plug is included. This cable can be extended with a stan dard 3.5 mm stereo jack to stereo plug cable, or with a miniature connector extension cable such as SCHOEPS KS 5 I.

For operation with pocket transmitters, we have readymade cables with special connectors on request.

For stereo recordings, there is a Y-shaped cable (KIY 250/0 I) which connects two CMBI to a compact junction box by means of two pieces of cable, each 250mm in length. The short cable leading out of this box has a miniature connector and can be extended either with the K 5 ISK cable or with the extension cable KS 5 I.

Possibilities for connecting the CMBI

CMBI with capsule, battery and windscreen