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Set for Three-Channel M/S Recordings
Double MS Windshield Set 4V

Overview | Downloads
Software plug-in
Double MS Tool (2011)
for RTAS Mac, VST Windows/Mac
Download (zip, 2.67 MByte)
Double MS Tool BF (2012)
Windows - Installer
Download (zip, 989.1 kByte)
Double MS Tool - Documents
Double MS plugins 2012
Overview of the current plugins
English Download (pdf, 2.27 MByte)
Double M/S Paper
English Download (pdf, 4.72 MByte)
Microphone Usage for Sports Broadcasting
Article on microphone techniques used in sports broadcasting
English Download (pdf, 1.69 MByte)
User guide
Double M/S
WSR DMS LU, DMS-Splitter, Matrix MDMS U
Deutsch English Download (pdf, 1.31 MByte)
Schoeps Surround Microphones
presents the SCHOEPS Surround microphones
English Download (pdf, 1.3 MByte)