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Active Stereo Cable for MK Capsules

  • for stereo microphone preamplifier VMS 5 U and stereo amplifier VST 62 IU
Active Stereo Cable for MK Capsules KCY

By using the Active Stereo Cable KCY, a complete stereo recording setup can be arranged with only two small capsules and a small, elegant supporting device being visible. The microphone amplifier can stay out of sight, and need not contribute to the weight of the arrangement.

This adapter cable connects two capsules of the Colette series to a stereo amplifier (e.g. VST 62 IUg or VMS 5 U) via a miniature Binder plug.
Due to its unbalanced signal arrangement, the output cable should not be longer than necessary.

The KCY Y-cable with the HSGMSC hanging device for M/S
Note: other lengths are available on request.