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  • Y-cable for two CCM-L compact microphones
Y-Cable KLY

This cable allows two CCM-L compact microphones to be connected to a single two-channel output cable. The standard length for the KLY's two microphone input leads is 250 mm.

Standard lengths for the output cable with XLR-5M plug attached are 10 cm (KLY 250/0 SU) and 5 m (KLY 250/5 SU); other lengths can be specially ordered.

These cables are also available with miniature Binder output connectors in case the XLR should be too large or heavy for special applications; they are then known as the KLY 250/0 I and KLY 250/5 I.
The KLY 250/0 I results in a particularly compact unit.

Extension cables are available in a variety of lengths -either XLR-5F to XLR-5M (e.g. KS 5 U, 5 m long) or miniature Binder to XLR-5M (e.g. KS 5 IU, 5 m long).