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Elastic Suspension for Boom Operation

  • highly efffective, compact suspension for MK microphone capsules
Elastic Suspension for Boom Operation OSIX CI / OSIX CMR I

The combination of the OSIX with the MK 41 supercardioid and the B 5 D windscreen represents an optimal solution. It offers especially significant improvement for indoor boom operation.

Attenuation of solid-borne noise from the boom is achieved by the unique architecture of the CINELA OSIX series.

OSIX CI: The output cable is only 10 cm long. A 5 m extension cable is included. Since it is detachable, the wrapping is very easy.

OSIX CMR: In this variant of the OSIX suspension arrangement, the CMR microphone amplifier for pocket transmitters forms a single unit with the OSIX. The output connector is a miniature Binder plug; the adapter cable from it to the input of the pocket transmitter is available from SCHOEPS for a nominal fee.

The CMR can be powered by 4 Volts taken directly from a pocket transmitter. This combination offers a compact, cable-free setup on a boom, ideal for difficult scenes in a documentary film.

Recommended windscreen:
B 5 D hollow foam-type windscreen