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Straight Extension Tube
RLG 350 Ug

Overview | Application | Specifications

If the tube rod must be tilted at a 45° angle or greater or if greater extension is required for either part of the setup, two AF 1 adapters should be mounted one above the other, with the the cylindrical lower part of the RLG 350 inserted into the upper AF 1 while the XLR plug rests in the lower one.

First, fasten the two AF 1s securely, one precisely above the other, to the lectern or table top. Then screw the gooseneck onto the 3/8'' threads at the end of the ST 20-3/8 cylinder. Push the XLR connector of the output cable through the AF 1s and press the cable into the groove in the side of the cylinder. Finally, insert the cylinder (with the output cable now attached) into the AF 1s.

Special versions (e.g. with permanently attached output cable) are available on request.