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Basket-Type Windscreen with Windjammer

  • for ORTF with CCM-L compact microphones
  • including Windjammer
Basket-Type Windscreen with Windjammer WSR ORTF LU

The WSR ORTF LU consists of the STC 4 mounting adapter for ORTF (for two CCM 4 L cardioids), an elastic suspension, a Y-cable with Connbox and a basket-type windscreen including Windjammer. This fur-like covering (WJ DMS/ORTF) will distinctly increase the effectiveness in preventing noise from wind.

The ORTF technique is realized with the help of a special mounting adapter which ensures that the two microphone capsules are kept at a distance of 17 cm and an angle of 110° from one another.

This basket-type windscreen has been developed at the express request of many customers, specifically for sports broadcasts and film sound production

In addition to the classic application for music recording, ORTF is often chosen as the ideal technique for stereophonic "atmo" recording, since it provides both well-balanced localization and a good spatial impression.

The WSR ORTF LU is especially resistant to wind and solid-borne noise due to the use of a shared basket-type windscreen and a high-quality suspension mount. It is furthermore very simple to set up, which is a considerable advantage in everyday use. The two CCM 4 compact microphones are full-quality studio microphones and can thus find use in other recording situations as well.

The WSR ORTF LU is part of the ORTF Outdoor Set.